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graduate overview

Graduate Studies in Computer Engineering

Graduate study in computer engineering at UT Dallas prepares students for leadership roles in research, development and design positions that require the use of skillful and imaginative solutions to engineering problems. Students who have earned a B.S. degree may apply to the M.S. degree program. The M.S. degree program has been carefully designed for students to gain breadth of knowledge, and it is flexible enough for students to specialize in the area of their choice. Students who have earned an M.S. degree may apply to the Ph.D. program. There is also a program option available for highly qualified students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. immediately after completing a B.S. degree. Upon enrollment in the CE program, students craft their educational program with the help of an academic advisor.

All applicants are considered for financial aid. No special form is required. M.S. students who have been offered teaching assistantships are expected to pursue the thesis option. Students can also work as research assistants with academic/research advisors. All full-time Ph.D. students and project-option master's students engage in research under faculty guidance.

UT Dallas Graduate Catalog